Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am alive and kickin'!

Well, it's a good thing I do not limit this blog to crafting only! Cause I got nuttin' today, but thought it would be nice if I make an appearance! I'm in the process of cleaning up my craft area, so hopefully I'll do something soon and post it. I plan on sewing all day on Friday since I'm off work...cross your fingers that I actually DO that. I want to get my rail fence quilt top done before next Tuesday. I'm taking a Flying Geese/Northern Star Christmas class on Tuesday and I'm too excited!!

I've also recently learned Swedish Weaving. I've made one placemat, and am working on #2. I should be done with that tonight. It's very easy and mindless (except in the very beginning). I can watch TV and weave and not worry about messing up. And if I do mess up, which I have, it's super easy to take out and redo. I'll post a picture on those later on tonight after I finish the second one. Gotta run! ~Kim