Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rag Quilt

Well, I said a few posts ago that I was going to take a photo of my rag quilt and post it, but still have not done it. So here it is:


I absolutely love it! I didn't make sure the batting was not showing on the edges (which I knew I should have cut it out...) and you can see it some on the edges.


Oh well, maybe eventually I'll take scissors and cut each little piece out. I started doing that the day that I washed and dried it, but soon I was tired of it! I bought more fabric yesterday at Hobby Lobby only because I actually found some homespun fabric. It will be red, white and blue. I think it will turn out beautiful, just gotta get it all cut down. That's the worst part! Hopefully I'll have enough fabric to make a matching pillow too! Let me know what you think about the quilt! ~Kim

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Couple of Cards

Well, I've been crafty lately, even though I've been super busy. Unfortunately, I've had to create some sympathy cards. Those suck. My boss's father in law passed away while we were on vacation and I'm just now getting a card made. I didn't have a single stamp having to do with sympathy or losing someone. So at stamp club this month, I ordered a sympathy set. Now, someone else that I know has lost his wife very suddenly, so I've got to make a few more cards for him and their two adult daughters. It's all very sad as she was only 55. So, here is one of the cards:


Here's the inside: Photobucket

I made another one last night with the same stamp set but different layout. I've got two more to go. I think one will be an exact duplicate of the card above since it is going to my boss's wife and the other will go to the friend who lost his wife. The other one I'm going to try to make completely different since they will be going to the same family.

It's so odd when someone dies. I've only been affected by death a couple of times in my life, and it really makes you numb. Just the thought of any of my family dying cripples me. I've lost my Pop, and that alone was terrible. I wasn't as close to him as I wish I had of been, but he was a wonderful man. His death made me see my dad in a different light. I've grown closer to him, and I'm so happy for that. Jason's lost his granny too, and that was awful too.

Sorry this has been such a bummer of a trip...death just gets ya thinking!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Butterflies & Scraps

Well, I'm finally posting my butterfly card. The card I cased this from was so beautiful, and I thought it would be easy, well, except for all the cutting. Boy was I wrong! I couldn't get the color to stamp correctly. I had to sponge a lot of color on. I was really discouraged after stamping, but I continued on. I had decided I wasn't stopping until it was finished. Here's the card. I loved it in the end. Nope, doesn't look like the card I used as the inspiration, but that's ok. I'm fine with the way it turned out. And my sister loved it.


Well, me and Kara made a only have WHOLE sheets of paper by the end of the year. We both have a LOT of scraps and frankly, I'm sick of having little pieces of paper everywhere. So I decided that by the end of this year, we either had to use all of our scrap pieces, give them away or throw them away. WHOLE PIECES ONLY in our stash!! I'm not quite sure she's really in for it, I might have dragged her (drug her?) kicking and screaming. But, the night that we (I) made this pact, I made count 'em FIFTEEN cards!! All with scraps! I was so proud of myself. Tomorrow is another scrap/stamp/craft night. I think I'm gonna try to do it again. Maybe even more cards. I'll post more soon! ~Kim

ETA: I finally finished my first rag quilt!! It turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so glad I did it!! I've got more fabric to make another one. The next one is going to be made of flannel instead of homespun material. Hopefully it'll fray halfway decently. I'll take a picture of it soon and post it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I finally made something!!

February 28th
I finally made something! Today my hubby and I attended a birthday party for our "faux" nephew, Peyton. His birthday is actually February 29th, but since the 28th was a Saturday, the party was then. Of course, since his birthday won't happen for another three years, it is celebrated on the day after February 28th. So, tomorrow is his "birthday." Anyway, since I am known around my circle as the one who makes handmade cards, I made a card for the wee one. And ya know what?? I enjoyed it! I decided this morning after spending HOURS on this card, I wanted to come home and create. Here is the card:


This is the card I cased. Turned out nothing like it, but I tried!! Details: Classic Laid Duplex Cover Ponderosa Pine/Alpine White (base), bubbles and plaid paper is Martha Stewart paper, 80# Cougar Cover White, generic markers for outside stamp, and I think that's it. Oh...the number 1 was covered in Versa Mark and then heat embossed with Clear Embossing Powder. The number was cut out using my Cricut and the cartridge was Cuttin' Up. Stamp set for outside was So Many Scallops.

SIDETRACKING HERE...try to keep up! As we're on the way home, I remember I need to go to work and print some film before tomorrow morning. After spending WAY longer at the party than intended I decided that this has to be done. Now, we're under a weather advisory tonight as it is snowing/sleeting tonight. So, we decide to come home and walk to the dog, then go by work. As we're driving there, we decide that Huddle House is good for dinner, so I stop by work, turn everything on, print the film and then go to the House. It'll take a while for the film processor to warm up, so I'll go eat while it's doing it. Had a great dinner/breakfast and then ran the film through. We had to wait a good 15 minutes for that slow machine to work, but finally we were able to leave. We were going to go grocery shopping (cause that's what you're supposed to do when it snows. But I told Jason, we have bread and milk, what else are you supposed to shop for?) So we didn't go shopping and came home. Luckily nothing stuck so no need for going to the store!! So, I didn't go home and create. I was too tired. Plus, I wasn't feeling creative at all.

March 4th
The next morning, I started working on my sister's birthday card because I KNEW It would take all morning. I was casing a card by Mary Jo Albright that was inspired by a cover of Martha Stewart's magazine. It took forEVER to stamp, and once my mom told me we were postponing the birthday party, I didn't work all that hard on it. After getting all of the butterflies cut out, I stopped. I might work on it tonight after I get home, but I'm not sure. If I do, I'll post it. Gotta run...I'm at lunch so I'll try to post later! I need to update my details on this card! Kim