Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy, Busy Life!

Man, when did my life get so busy?? It's my own fault really. Not only do I work full time, but I've gone back to school at Murray State. I'm taking six hours this semester, English 102 (trying to get a D off my transcript from a decade ago, when I didn't take school seriously) and a fine arts elective (Introduction to Theatre). I'm enjoying the Theatre class, other then the fact that I'm WAY older than everyone in the class, including the teacher! I still feel pretty young, well, I did, until I started this class! This is the first on-campus class I've taken in a decade. I've taken online classes, but that's it. (Wait, actually in Cincinnati in 2001 I was in broadcasting school, but there was several classmates who were my age and older, so I didn't feel as out of place as I do now!) Anyway, back to this class. Last Tuesday, we had to perform in front of our classmates in pairs. We were all given the same "open" script, but had to make it our own, including props, costumes, scenery, etc. So my partner, Jacquiline and I, came up with a plan. We were at the airport. I was a rocker chick, she was a pretentious chick. Well, I decided I was gonna go all out. So I talked to my hairdresser and made an appointment to get my hair and makeup done. Lisa went ALL out! She even brought clothes for me from her 16 year old daughter's closet! When she was done, I looked AMAZING! (If I do say so myself!)

As I showed up at class on Tuesday night, I was hoping not to draw attention to myself. (My friends would say "Pshaw" at that, as I'm usually very happy being the center of attention with people I'm around all the time. But with these "kids", not so much.) Anyway, I figured they never paid much attention to me anyway, and they wouldn't notice. Well, as I was walking up to the Fine Arts Building, people outside practicing, kept saying, "Wow! You really went all out!" One was walking in the door in front of me, and got in the lobby of the theatre and yelled, "Jacquiline, here's your partner! Look at her!" Everyone was in the lobby as the teacher had not opened the classroom yet, so all eyes turned to me. I was mortified. But what could I do? I had to go to class and I had to stay where I was. So, I just smiled shyly and found J. It ended up going off without a hitch. I did drop a line, but it was OK. The teacher called me out before class started saying "You get an automatic A for your costume! You look fantastic!" After class, she said I did really well and said I could be an actor. I'm sure she was just saying it, not really meaning it, but still! So, here's a picture. Don't laugh too hard. I ended up really digging the hair, not the makeup so much! And the outfit...I LOVE! I really started feeling young!


Well, I guess I should go as I'm putting off writing a 1,000 word paper for english right now. It's due on Tuesday. Plus I have a test on Tuesday for my theatre class that I need to study for. Yuck. Why am I going back to school again?

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