Thursday, September 10, 2009

Denim Quilt

Howdy folks out there in bloggyland! I'm finally taking the time to post. As I was trying to figure out what project to post (yes, I've been a busy girl!) I realized I had not posted Mom's quilt!! This quilt didn't start out being her quilt. After my first rag quilt, I decided I wanted to make a denim quilt. So, any free time I had, I was cutting blue jeans up. On July 4th, Mom saw some of the jeans had embroidering on them and made the comment, "I wouldn't mind having a quilt if they had stuff like that on them." I told her she needed to get busy and go to Goodwill and thrift shops to find some good jeans to cut up. Of course, at that moment, I denim quilt was no longer my own! It was going to be Mom's. Before this point, I was at Backyard Quilts and found some beautiful flannel to back my denim quilt. The two wonderful friends that were with me loved the idea and said my quilt would be beautiful. Well, we talked about it quite a bit and I was finally told that I couldn't put it together without the two of them. Finally I started really working on it. The week before Mom's birthday is when it all came together, so I had to work hard to finish it. I had all of the squares sewn together when I called Cathy & Cindy and said I was ready to lay it out. We met at Cindy's house and laid it on her hardwood floor and set out the squares. We had fun doing it. They both kept asking me if it was OK to change this and that, and I finally told them that this was our quilt, anything they thought was fine. The only thing I said was that it didn't have to have a definite pattern to it. Well, without trying, a pattern happened. And I was OK with it. Here it is. I can't believe how well it went with Mom's living room. I told her she needed to display the quilt like shown in the picture. Whether she is or not, I don't know.


Mom told me she loved it. Then she said that she'd tell me she liked it whether she really did or not...but she really did. I asked her how I knew she wasn't lying and she said because she was telling me she wasn't lying!! :) I know she liked it. She bragged about it to everyone and had me dragging that thing outside to show it to everyone!!

Anyway, there it is. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of my rag purse to show soon. ~Kim


Tonya said...

Beautiful! I want to make one of those too. Just haven't yet....

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Loved the quilt when I got to see it! I am looking at doing a quilt here pretty soon.