Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rag Purse

Well, it looks like I'm quite addicted to making raggy items...quilts, purses...what else can I make? And to be quite honest...I love, love, LOVE homespun fabric!! I had a friend come over last night and I was showing her all my homespun, and became nearly hypnotized by the beauty of it all. She said I had a sickness...perhaps I do. Anyway, here's my purse I made over Labor Day weekend.


This is my favorite project so far. I've also made a denim rag purse that looks a lot like my denim quilt. Same paisley flannel. I'll post a picture once I complete the repairs.

Well, I need to go to work...boo, hiss...I'd much rather stay at home and craft!



Tonya said...

I really like your purse! I LOVE the colors!

Anonymous said...

Saw the rag purse tonight and think "Baby" has found her calling :) It is really beautiful and the quilt is great! In fact I'm working on a denim quilt that I got the idea from her. Thanks for all the help- Dinker

Leslie Miller said...

Hello, Kim! It's interesting that you mention feeling almost hypnotized by your fabrics. I can relate to that when it comes to papers, and in the past, fabrics. I love the homespun look, also. Your purse is fabulous! Thanks for dropping in to visit me!

Dee said...

I love the purse!! I want one!!