Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've been crafty!

I actually did something this weekend!! Of course, I'm too lazy to take any pictures. Yesterday I met with my stamping/scrapping buddies at the Chamber and worked on Thank You cards. I'm trying to get ahead of the game before I have a baby shower so I'm not rushing to get cards made and out. I've got 38 completed so far. I also got rid of a LOT of paper last night. I have accumulated lots of scrap paper in my years working for printing companies that I've finally decided to part ways with. Luckily my wonderful friends were willing to take it off my hands!! Hopefully next weekend I'll have a ton more items to get rid of as I get my stuff organized.

I'm trying to get into nesting mode. Once I get all of my scrapping/stamping stuff moved into my dining room/stamp/scrap area (got a totally cool six foot by six foot shelf from IKEA) I'm going to get rid of my desk and get another shelf for the spare room. Then, all of my fabric/sewing/needlework will be organized in there. I also need to get the full size bed that is in that room back to its owner (actually her mother in MO) and pick up a crib that she has for me. I also need to go to my MIL and pick up two chest of drawers that she's so kindly offered to us. One for us and one for the baby. The one for the baby needs to be sanded and refinished to match the crib. I'm so fortunate for everyone offering me stuff (crib, dressers, baby stuff). That means so much to me and will save us a ton of money.

On Tuesday I'll be 15 weeks along. I'm ready to know the sex of the baby...NOW! And believe it or not, I'm actually ready to start showing! I wanna see my baby bump! I'm ready to feel it move and for it to actually feel like I'm really pregnant. I'm finally over the morning sickness and the exhausted feeling that I had during the first trimester, but now comes all kinds of other issues...back pain, hip pain. I know it will all be worth it in the end when I see that sweet baby's face in November!

Well, I guess I should go get some dinner. My tummy is starting to growl!! Toodles!~Kim

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Pattyjo said...

My daughter is due October 12 with her 4th baby. She is having a girl and is very excited. Congratulations on your new baby. I LOVED being pregnant and even loved all the bad parts. I feel sad I will never experience them again, but i had four children and now am Grandma of 11!