Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Official...I suck!

OK, so I thought this blogging thing was going to be easy. See, cause I'm ALWAYS on my computer, and I'm ALWAYS doing some kind of craft. So, why wouldn't I be making LOADS of posts? PURE LAZINESS! It's much easier just reading everyone else's blogs and getting great ideas and signing up for some wonderful blog candy. So, here is my resolution. Tomorrow after work, I'm going to come home and take photos of the latests cards that I've made (could be quite a few!) and hopefully get them posted before I go volunteer. (I volunteer at The Angel Clinic. It is a free clinic for people in my county who are employed but have no health insurance. I work in the pharmacy filling prescriptions. It gets pretty boring, but it's such a worthwile cause. I haven't been in several months, but need to get started again!) Anywho, I will get those photos posted before I leave, and then once I get home, I'll either try to create a card, or possibly put up some goodies...Can't decide whether or not I've got some good stuff for candy...Keep checking back! Toodles! ~Kim

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Alexandra said...

YOu do not suck - just set aside time to do your blog entries (do a couple and put some in the draft folder for when you need a quick post) and soon it will just become habit!

I noticed you got a counter too *smile*