Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Random Creations

So, this card making thing is pretty relaxing. The mess I've made in the process, however, is not. I was going to post pictures to get my point across...however, I'm slightly ashamed! I started to clean up and then got distracted and well, nothing got done. No cleaning, no card making...nada! So, here are a few items I've made over the past few days. It seems like I can only come up with one design at a time, and then, I tend to make three or more at a time, so I have a few. That really came in handy when I had two of the hoppy birthday cards left over and two birthdays that needed to be sent out! My main project has been to make 12 different cards to fill up this wonderful card holder that I made to give to a wonderful person who was very generous to me recently. I've lost over 200 pounds in the past 16 months and have been going through sizes like crazy. So on her annual 4th of July pool party, she gave me a bag full of pants. 8 pairs of capris and two pairs of pants. One are some kick ass jeans that make me look skinny and make my legs look super long. I'm loving them. Oh, and they are all size 10. Never wore that size...ever. So, I wanted to make a special gift for her. I decoupaged this "paper mache" bag from Hobby Lobby, then added ribbon. Not sure how I feel about the ribbon, but it's staying for now. I think I'm gonna add more to it...eventually. Here are two cards that are included in the set. Let me know what you think of these projects.

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It holds cards and envelopes that are 5" x 7". I'll be glad when these envelopes (bought a box of 250 from work) are gone, and I can just make 5.5" x 4.25" cards like everyone else! It will simplify everything!


Elizabeth Royalty said...

that bag is adorable, kim! love all the fun ribbon. also, I kinda like the bigger cards, but alas.. I seem to be out-weighed by the majority of the stampin' world.. :)

Flossie's Follies said...

Found your site and based on the name, HAD to visit, great cards and love the bag with the ribbon. Happy Birthday from one Leo to another.

Rhiannon said...

I love the ribbon! Congrats on your weight loss!! Keep up the great work :)

Princess Matilda said...

Love the bits of red ribbon on the bag!! Very cute!