Friday, November 30, 2007

How I Got Fat...

DH recently started receiving a subscription to Men's Health. Neither of us purchased it, but there are a lot of magazines we started getting (Outside, Field & Stream and Backpacker) after reserving a campsite at a Corp of Engineer's campground so who knows, it could be from that. Anyway, we both love reading it. It makes J think more about his health and eating better and becoming healthier. (He has gotten healthier since I had surgery as we were each others WORST diet buddies. We would go on a diet together and then cheat together...not a good combo!) It has good articles, and I like it because there is a LOT of eye candy in there. (DH says it's definitely not for married men as they don't want their women looking at all of the half dressed men...all I say is YUM!) OK, focus Kim...

Anyway, we were discussing what we were going to have for dinner tonight. Carryout, as usual. I've learned how to eat much healthier, even fast food, since surgery. So we're trying to find a menu for the new mexican place that is in with Hardee's now called Red Burrito. I wanted to see if there was anything that I could eat and see the nutritional values. I was AMAZED at the values of all of the burgers at Hardees. I asked J what he would get if he went there. Sandwich and fries totaled more than 2,000 calories!! He then asks me if I read the restaurant article in Men's Health. I had not so he went to get it and proceeds to tell me all of the worsts in the article. Half of the stuff was stuff we used to eat on a regular basis. The worst item was a fry appetizer at Outback. We used to go to Lone Star and get their Cheesefries. They had bacon and different cheeses on it served with spicy ranch dressing. The two of us would split one and then get a steak or steak and salmon combo, and potato and salad and eat ALL of it. Probably 3,000 calories or more in one meal. And we did this on a regular basis. I always contributed my weight gain (or maintaining at 359 pounds) to the fact that I ate fast food for lunch and dinner (skipped breakfast regularly...still not much better at that!) and drank sweet tea by the gallons and NEVER exercised. But with dinners like that?? Don't get me wrong, I'd still love to eat that type of food. My brain hasn't changed in the least. That's why I had to get surgery. I have a problem with self control. That's why I had to have surgery impose some self control on me. I'm not proud. I hate it sometimes that it had to come to something so drastic. But, it was the only way. I'm still not changed. I still have head problems that I will probably have for the rest of my life. But I'm a work in progress.

Sorry for rambling so much! It just really had me thinking tonight.

I'm almost finished with my Christmas Cards. By almost, I guess I really mean I'm almost half-way done!! Hopefully I'll get them done by this weekend. I want to make most of my gifts this year as money is tight and I love making stuff for people. I hate going out and trying to find something that I "think" a person "might" like just for the sake of getting someone a gift. I would much rather put some time and effort and give something from the heart. But I guess the person getting it could think, "WTH was she thinking?" I just try to remember that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with those we love. All the rest is minor details. (That was pretty good. I need to tape that to my bathroom mirror so I remember it when I start stressing over the holidays!)

Thanks for listening! Maybe I'll post a craft or card sometime this weekend...who knows! Toodles!


Anonymous said...

who the heck is DH? i'm lost and you left me hangin sister on the health magazine with the naked men in it..come on now, you know i'm a single woman..DETAILS, I NEED DETAILS..send that baby right on over to me first class..hahah...LOL... so what are you eating out at the fast food restaurants that is healthy? i could use some healthy options in my menu for oh by the way, thanks for the thanksgiving card. that was really pretty and neat to be homemade. i'm curious, does it cost very much to make cards like that? i'm guessing you just do it as a fun hobby though right? i am learning about your blog page and just figured out where i could send ya a message on this enjoyed reading some of your posts especially the one about jake and sammie..hehe..i cant believe he is 13 and she is 10..geez, where has time gone? cell phone? yeah right, we had to have a quarter to use the payphone and drive around the park in my "popcorn mobile" cruisin'...haha..LOL..boy that brings back memories. and who you callin' band geek? haha..LOL..boy, those were the good ol' days.
well i've been up all night trying to get a final done for one of my classes..guess i'll just stay up a while longer and get some more stuff done. might as well since its going on 7 a.m. now...arrgg..well now that you just live in murray, maybe i can come visit ya sometime. i'd love to come see ya and see your place and all your stamping and scrapbooking stuff. are you coming in to paducah for xmas? seems like it has been ages since i seen ya and from the sounds of it, i might have to look twice these days to find ya since you are so skinny now. well i'm proud of you for all your weight loss success! well i'd better go now. i've kept ya long enough on this message, but until next time...shaba daba da...shaba daba da..
love and miss ya bunches,

Kelly Bee said...

I think that this post was wonderful. I have weight issues too and while I have successfully lost some weight with dieting (and have a lot more to lose!) it is a constant struggle and it's nice (for me, not so much for you!) to hear that I'm not the only one who has "head issues" when it comes to food. It's a battle and so many people out there are trying to win that battle. Thanks for sharing some of your story and have a wonderful holiday.