Sunday, November 4, 2007

WOW, lot's of hits and other ramblings!

OK, so I know it's just because of the giveaway, but I've had a TON of hits over the past few days! I hope some of the people who came for the giveaway stuck around to look over some of my random ramblings! Sometimes I actually have something to say. (This isn't one of those posts though! This is an I'm up too late and can't sleep post!)

My nephew is here visiting this weekend. His sister was supposed to be here too, but she had better things to do than gang out with old Aunt Kim. She had a football game to go to with one of her friends. A High School Football Game. She's 10. She said she goes to almost all of the football games, because her friend's brother plays, so they get to go. Nope, it's not about the game itself. It's all about the socializing. I understand. That's not what I did when I went to football games, but that's because I was a band geek and was sitting up in the stands having fun with the other band geeks, or performing during half time. I know I wasn't even AT the games when I was 10. Heck, I don't know if I even wanted to go at that age. But, times are different now. (crap, I sound like my mom) I also can't imagine needing a cell phone at the age of 10, but she's DYING for one. No, not because she needs to make calls or anything crazy like that. She needs it to download ringtones and take pictures. She also wants to add "bling" to it. She even said she couldn't wait until she could get a job so she could buy a contract cell phone, cause they were way cooler than pre-paid phones. whatever. I just think it's ridiculous! Oh well, I guess that's just be getting old and being old. I asked my nephew if he'd rather be at the ballgame and he said no. Too much trouble that he could get into. When I asked further, he said there was nothing to do at the ballgames (I guess watching the game is no fun) but get into fights or get in trouble for making out (ummm, what, he's not even 14 yet!). Now, this really surprised us. He said if you were caught making out at a ballgame, you got 20 days of alternative school! 20 DAYS! Jason said the teachers who made those rules were probably the ones making out when they were in school, then changed it and said they were the ones who WANTED to be making out at ballgames but weren't. Honestly, I don't remember any making out going on at ballgames, but again, I was in the band, so who knows what the other kids did!

Jason took the boy out fishing today. They caught over 40 fish. None of them keepers though, even though they were given specific instructions by me to bring home dinner. (We ended up going out!) They did catch two fish that they didn't know what they were. I asked if they asked the fish what it was, but they didn't think that was too funny!

Well, I guess I'm getting sleepy and should go. Tomorrow is the big draw for the giveaway. I was gonna wait until midnight to draw, but I think I wanna cut it off sooner, so i can notify the winner and get started on the cards. Anything to put off finishing my own Christmas cards. I did a few last night. Couldn't get into it. need. some. mojo. NOW! OK, later! Kim

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RedBessBonney said...

Congratulations, Kim! You are the lucky winner of my blue Celtic bracelet! My computer is out of commission for a bit, so if you could call my cell phone to leave your address, that would be great! 310-489-1411. Congrats again and thanks for entering!