Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm so boring!

If you are a reader of my blog, I have to apologize to you. Why? Because I'm such a boring person and never have much to say. At least nothing that anyone wants to read about. I've stopped doing the fact a day, basically because I've been too lazy to do it. And I just read the originator of the challenge isn't doing it anymore. Since I've made very little effort to do it, why continue? I may make that scrapbook page with 100 facts about me at some point, but I need to start crafting, doing ANYTHING but sitting in the recliner after work and on weekends. Last night I was a little motivated, since it was still daylight because of Daylight Savings Time, but all I did was laundry. That is a good thing, since I do not do laundry much, and I need clean clothes. But it wasn't at all productive in getting stuff done that I think about all the time.

So, here's my pledge to you, my reader(s)...sad to think that I've only got one reader...my own husband hasn't ever been to my blog...back to the pledge. I pledge to make a craft post by the end of this week. That means I need to make something this week. Knitting does not count. (I challenged myself to make something every day this year, and as I was knitting a couple projects, I reasoned that I was making something...No More!! I have to make individual projects too!)

Sorry you had to read all of my rambling. ~Kim

ETA: I actually wrote this post on March 11th, but nothing much has changed since then. My computer was out of commission for nearly a month, but I have it back now, and the desktop is fixed too. I just need to get them set up so I can get everything going again. On a more craftier note: I MADE A CARD! Yesterday, I was shopping for care packages for our troops. We have a local National Guard Company that is overseas and is in need of items. So my Woodmen of the World Lodge decided to purchase $200 worth of items to send. And I got to go buy them! It's such an honor to do it for such a worthy cause. Plus it feels so good to give back. I made a card to be put in with the items, and I hope it gets to them. After I get my computer situation up and going, I'll upload a photo. Again, thanks for reading! ~ Kim


Blestmomof6 said...

HI Kim,
I do hope you start crafting more and posting your cards!!! I live for inspiration, and just meeting others and sharing ideas!!!
I just started my own blog, at the nudging of my upline. So you will have to stop by sometime and let me know what you think. I am not sure I can post every day, with my crazy life, but I will be sure to try to be frequent!!!
Your rambling made me laugh!!! I can totally relate!!!
Hugs, and here's a toast to you and your great intentions!!! LOL

Kelly Bee said...

Just letting you know that you must have at least two readers so keep those posts coming!