Friday, February 22, 2008

Fact Number 29

I Love TARGET!! OK, I guess most people love target. But it's certain things that I love from Target. 1. Dollar Spot! I have been finding so much stuff for scrapbooking and/or card making! I'm loving that. Then there is their Archer Farms items. I've been getting some tropical mix of dried fruit. It has dried mangos, pineapple, coconut, papaya and kiwi and it is the bomb! Too bad there are not any Targets around here. A couple of weekends ago we went to visit from friends in Georgetown and decided we had to get to Lexington early so we could go to Target. Then, the other night, the friend that was with me when we went to Target, said we were gonna have to go to Clarksville (our nearest Target) to get some Archer Farms almonds! So now I'm not the only one!!


Renée said...

I wish Target would come to Canada!! They have so many neat things ... You had visited my blog and asked me about eyelet setting on my desks? I have had no problem with the hammer and setter option on these desks when I first started. I do use a cropadile right now, so the type of desk doesn't matter anymore!! Hope this helps, Kim!!

Enfys said...

I love target too, when I am home in the UK I get severe Target withfrawal symptoms, Did you find those sweet little adhesive pearls in the dollar bins?