Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother's Day Card

Here's a craft post!! I made this card for my mother for mother's day. It was almost everything I imagined. I saw on someone's blog something similar that I wanted to try and recreate. I don't remember who's it was now, but I was determined to NOT refer to it as I was making the card because I wanted to make a card that was an original. I'm not great at taking photos of my cards yet, but here it is.

Mother's Day Card

The green cardstock is 120# Classic Laid Duplex Cover Brittany Green & Avon Brilliant White. It was something we got by mistake at work and cut it before we realized it was wrong (both sides were supposed to be white, and he started cutting on the white side!) Good for me cause I have a small stash of this paper now! The paper on top is something from the Dollar Tree, Mrs. Grossman's I think. It is pierced and then faux stitched with a Creative Memories fine tipped pen. I scalloped the edges with my cheapo corner rounder from Wal-mart. Finally broke down and bought one even though I have 4 Creative Memories corner rounders from when I was a consultant, but you can't remove the backs to do this, so, whaddya gonna do? I then used my brand new crop-o-dile and put two eyelets in each spot (tried to make it look like a rivet by punching one eyelet, then putting another eyelet in the back side...did NOT like the results...will not try again until someone has a surefire way of doing it!) and then tied the ribbon (came from Wal-mart in a clearance bag with other ribbon scraps. It took me a while to tie the bow, so when I gave it to Mom, I told her to not open it, just squeeze it and read it from the side. She must not have heard me, because five minutes later, she said, "You're gonna have to tie this back for me, cause I'm not gonna be able to do it." WHAT!!!! She said, "If I didn't open it, how could I read it?" I told her I just put happy mother's day in it!! Nothing big!! Anyway, the Morning Glory flower and Mother Teresa stamp was a last minute addition. I took a picture of it before I put the Stampin' Up! clear gloss stuff on it to make it shiny. Is there a secret to using that stuff? I could see the brush marks and was not happy with the look of it at all. I've used it again for another card with the same results, but I'm not too worried about redoing it at this point.

So, there is my latest crafty thing. I'll post something that I'm making for my massage therapist once I have it finished. She's moving to Nashville and leaving me and I'm very, VERY sad. She's great at what she does, and we've became friends over the past two years. So, I'm really gonna miss her. Toodles! ~Kim


Lori Stilger said...

Hi, Kim! :) Thanks for visiting my blog again! :D
Your card is VERY nice; you did a great job!!!!
I'm excited about you perhaps coming to a class or two! I'll be emailing you soon about everything you wrote. :D VERY excited is more the truth....
LOL! Have a WONDERFUL day!

Allison said...

This is lovely!

Debbie Olson said...

Kim, I had to laugh at your mother untying the ribbon--been there, done that! Beautiful job!