Saturday, May 24, 2008

Starting School and Teeth Removals!

Yep. I'm finally going back to school. In my lifetime, I'm gone to school to do many things. The first after high school experience was going to a tech school to be a medical secretary. I dropped out quickly as I decided I didn't want to set at a desk all day. 2nd try: went to school to become an EMT. 3rd try: two semesters at MSU, majored in partying in the dorm with my new friends and not going to class. (Actually, my major was OSHA, but as a freshmen, the only class I took toward my major was Freshmen orientation.) 4th try: Respiratory therapy. Worked really hard at it to get C's, but stuck with it until I started clinicals. Once I had to go into the hospital and do that job, I quickly quit as I discovered that was NOT a job I wanted. 5th try: Nail technician. I finished school, and I enjoyed doing it alright, but it was hard to build up a clientele and still work to pay bills. 6th try: back to MSU, without a major. Only went to school for one semester, worked 60+ hours a week just to pay rent, so my grades suffered. MSU decided I wouldn't be coming back for the spring semester. 7th: moved back home with parents, and started tech school for graphic communications. FINALLY, found something I liked and was good at. I didn't get a degree, but got enough training to where I was able to get a job. Most of my training and knowledge is from on the job. 8th: I went to broadcasting school. Not sure why, guess I thought I could make some money doing what i do best...TALK. Well, unless you are in sales, there is no money in Radio. So, that was just a waste of $10,000.

So now, I'm just going to school to get my degree. Not sure what in, but I do want a degree. I still work in printing, but now I'm in customer service and LOVE it. I'm not going back to school to get a degree so I can find a new job. I'm taking advantage of the benefits offered to my husband as being an employee of the college. He's too busy with work, so I'm taking advantage of it. I'm taking a chemistry class online this summer, and then next fall, I'm taking an english class online and then a theatre class on campus. I'm excited to go back to school!

Now, onto the teeth removal!! YUCK! A few weeks ago, I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled. I have been having problems with food getting stuck back there around the tooth and the dentist said they should be gone. So, initially, I was gonna go to an oral surgeon so I could be knocked out. Well, he wanted to charge a ton of money. My dentist would only charge $100 per tooth. For $200 vs. $1,000, I decided to suck it up and get it done at the dentist. He gave me some Xanax beforehand, numbed me up real good, and then went to work. Actually, on the first one, he filled a cavity and pulled the wisdom tooth at the same time since they were on the same side. It wasn't bad, just like normal dental stuff, never fun, but tolerable. Well, afterwards, I was having some MAJOR pain. I ended up with a dry socket. Not fun. I had to go in every day for him to pack it with this nasty clove-tasting guaze. It helped it heal, so whatever. Well, I decided after all of that, the other tooth was staying. I didn't want to go through that again. Fast forward a couple of weeks. I start having some tooth pain on my left side. I thought it was from one of my old silver crowns from when i was younger. Nope. I had a huge cavity in my wisdom tooth and that's where all the pain was coming from. So...out it comes! Thursday afternoon I had it pulled. I'm not feeling too great, but whaddya gonna do? I'm just hoping I don't get another dry socket.

Well, I think I'm done rambling. I've got some projects I'll post soon (hopefully). We'll see. Thanks for reading! Toodles! ~Kim


Carolyn King said...

oh my have a lot on your plate. glad you are recovering from wisdom teeth removal--I had mine removed when I was 19 because they were severely impacted (i still remember the pain)
hugs and feel better.

Your mother's day card below is gorgeous! hope you feel like crafting soon!

Gigi Mama said...

Im just now reading this. Hope you are recovering well from the teeth removal. I had all four removed at once and it was NOT fun. Good luck with school (and preparing your nest for a possible family addition!)