Saturday, December 12, 2009

Didn't make my deadline!!!

Well, I tried. I worked so hard, but December 1st came and I'm still not complete. Hopefully will get done with all of my Christmas stuff this weekend. I'm getting ready to teach a rag purse class, so hopefully I'll get a couple done today. I'm waiting until I get everything done before going to the laudromat to wash and dry all these "raggy" things!!

Since I spend every waking hour at home sewing, I've been working on my Christmas cards at work on my 10 minute breaks. It's worked out rather well. I also worked on some cards last night at the scrapbook store. It was our last crop there as the store is closing. It's rather sad too. I was originally invited by my stamping demo, but once I came, I really started feeling like a part of a family. We're still going to get together, at least twice a month as I'm able to use the Chamber of commerce twice a month since my boss is a member. We're going to try to get together at the library too. So, it's sad, but it's not the end of the group. I'm glad about that!

Well, I've rambled on about nothing, so I better go! Toodles!~Kim

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Tonya said...

You HAVE become part of the "family". It's a lot of fun with you there. And I'm glad we can continue to get together.