Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First Post

OK, so I didn't really create this blog to be anything about reality shows...more about me and my obsessions. Once upon a time it was reality shows. I've dreamed about being on a reality show ever since the first Real World came out in the 90s. I've even applied to a couple of reality shows...only to be...wait for it...Rejected. Right now, my current obsession is rubber stamping. It should be scrapbooking, because I have a ton of photos to scrapbook, I have all of the supplies I could ever need. I'm just not inspired to scrap. Unfortunately, I'm wanting to stamp. I do not have the inspiration or ideas to stamp, nor do I have all of the supplies to stamp. I have a ton of paper. I have a ton of embellishments that I've bought for scrapbooking to use. However, I have 3 sets of rubber stamps, along with some misc. stamps I've bought at Michaels. Ok, I can work with that. I have three...count them...three stamp pads. Staz-on Black, Bordering Blue from SU! and some cheap brown stamp pad from Wal-mart. I do have some watercolor pencils from WM that I'm learning to live with until I can get me some Watercolor Crayons. I told my husband, if he really loved me, he could, for my birthday of course, sign up as a Stampin' Up demonstrator so we could get the products at a discount. Why my hubby? Well, I'm a Creative Memories Consultant, and I don't think you can do both. BooHoo! I shouldn't be stressing out over making cards, but I have been! Arghhh! Time for bed! Goodnight, anyone who reads this! I'll post tomorrow the cards I've made. (Total of four! WooHoo!) ~Kim

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domenica said...

Kim- Welcome to the blogging world! I am looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future! :)