Saturday, July 21, 2007

I fall down and go BOOM!

So, yesterday started out good enough. It was Friday, getting ready for the weekend. I love Fridays, even at work, cause I know the weekend is coming. And all day Friday, I was looking forward to the weekend. I was going to Paducah, to get a massage from my aunt who just graduated from massage school and go pick up my 10 year old niece to spend the weekend with me...she's my mini-me or my sister from another mother. For the first 7 years of her life, my mother called her Kim so much and then said her name (Sami) she finally said, "Nanna, my name is Sami, not Kimsami! Anyway, I went to Paducah, and got my massage. It was very good! Very relaxing. So, I'm leaving my aunts and as I'm walking to my car, I trip on the sidewalk and fall. I do believe in the phrase "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" because it wasn't as bad as it could be. But it wasn't fun either. I trip, try to catch myself. My left elbow, right knee, right shoulder and left side hit the ground, but not before my face (right side, cheek and forehead) hit the tire of my car and the pavement. As I'm falling, I'm cussing, way too much. My keys fly out of my hand, under my Explorer and across the other side of the car. Finally, after all of the commotion, I roll over and start to cry a bit. Yep, I'm a big baby when I get hurt. The first time I ever hurt myself in the presence of my husband, he looked at me really weird and said, "I've never seen anyone cry when they get hurt." He's seen it happen enough now that he's used to it, as we've been married now for seven years. Anyway, my aunt's neighbor comes over and asks if he can help me. I tell him I fell and he said he heard me...must of heard me swearing! So I ask him to go get my aunt. She comes out, freaks a little bit and wants to take me to the ER. I go get cleaned up, and realized I'm ok, just shook up and feeling a bit stupid and REALLY clumsy! So, here's the pic. It doesn't do my face justice though, as the flash isn't capturing all of the bruising and scratches. My glasses nearly broke on my face. I think the scratches on my cheeks and eyes are from my glasses. I have bruising on my forehead from the tire. I've got a skinned elbow and knee and a bruise on my stomach and shoulder. And I felt like a mac truck ran over me. So much for the benefits of the massage!

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So I go to my mom's and pick up my niece. My mom is worried and thinks I need to go to the ER. The only reason I would even THINK about going to the ER is so I could get some good drugs! But, I didn't really need any, so I said no way! Then, Sami and I went to Hobby Lobby to start our weekend of crafting! We've had a good weekend so far. She's busy playing the Wii right now. We've gone out to eat twice today. I was good both times, as we shared a meal each time. We went bowling tonight, and she just can't get enough. She did some scrapbooking this afternoon, but I was hurting too bad and wanted to sit on my corn bag, so I just talked her through some stuff. She's scrapbooked before, so she didn't need much help! I think she's having a good time.

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At the bowling alley, they have these machines that have stupid stuff in them. I found one that had "Hillbilly Teeth." After I got a super cool pair, Sami decided she needed them too. She is, after all, my Mini-me. Jason's getting tired of both of us, especially with the teeth! He finally said, "Take the teeth out if you're both gonna talk!" We just laughed!

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Elizabeth Royalty said...

aw, what a fun weekend... except for the falling, that is!!! hope you're feeling better and the rest of your time went well...

I can't believe how big Sami is. I know, I know, it's been 7 years, but I think I'll always remember her as little as she was when you guys were married.

Anyway, sorry about not checking in often enough... I thought I had you on my bloglines so I could get updates, but I guess you weren't, so I'm catching up!

But I've got you now... bwah hah hah...