Saturday, July 28, 2007

Latest Card

Here is a card that I made today. I cased it from someone...not sure who. I've looked at so many people's ideas that they all run together! I used paper and ribbon from Walmart. The brads are making memories, the black ink is Staz-on. The colored pencils are Kimberly Watercolor Pencils. I like the way it turned out. I made it for a couple of friends who are leaving for Africa on a mission trip in a couple of months. They are home for the week, and then leaving to go train in Virginia for two months and then off to Africa for two years. I'm best friends with Joe Joe's sisters, and work with one of them, and I know they sure are gonna miss them. It was bad enough when they just lived in Lexington! I told them if they let me know what they wanted, I'd send them care packages, as I love sending care packages!

So, here's the pic. It's blurry, as I didn't take a pic at home, and realized as Joe Joe was about to leave, that I didn't get a photo, so I took it with Jason's camera phone!! It looked much better in real life! So, here it is!

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1 comment:

Elizabeth Royalty said...

wowza! that's a good camera phone pic! I'm impressed.

And very pretty card! I love the colors!!