Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weather sucks...but we're OK.

OK, so anyone who might be reading this post knows what's going on with the weather in Western KY. Well, our power was out all day yesterday, starting conveniently right after Jason's alarm went off. So I wasn't late for work or anything, but spent all day worried about Lucy being cold and if it didn't come on soon, I'd be cold too. (The way I knew my power was still out was by calling the house. If it rang and rang, that meant the power was out because the answering machine didn't pick up.) I called my friend Shawn to see if there power was on and she said they were at a hotel. If worse come to worse, we could pile up in their room. So, I call and get the very last room at Days Inn. So, I'm happy. They still have power and we've got a room. Well then I call Jason and let him know. He gets mad at me and tells me he can get a room at Baymont, which is closer to our home and we can get home to Lucy quicker. So, we decided I would cancel the room at Days Inn. When I did, she said, "You realize this is the last room we've got, right?" I say yes, I realize that. We've got reservations elsewhere. And we did...on paper. Our card was charged, but the hotel said they did not have any rooms available. I called everywhere, and I was at my wits end. Days Inn booked the room probably as soon as I got off the phone, so even that was out. I even checked Murray Plaza (which anyone that knows Murray knows that its a No Tell Motel). Even they were booked. So, it looks like we're shackin' up with the Johnson's.
So, we get all of our stuff and pack them up a flight of stairs to their room. We move beds around, blow up an air mattress to sleep on, bring food, etc. We are there about an hour, hour and a half, something like that, and I think to check our house to see if power came back on. I got the answering machine, so I was stoked!! I was gonna get to sleep in my bed afterall. SO, we pack back up most of our stuff, saying we'd get the rest today. So, I get to go home, play on my computer and get the internet (which I was unable to do at all at work yesterday as the internet went out and I didn't feel right asking them to come fix our internet when lots of people were without power). So, I was a happy camper. I get in bed around 10:30 or so, after turning on the electric blanket and am diggin' it. Well, evidently, my sleepy time medicine worked because Jason said the power went out a little after 11. And he said , "Well sh*t! The freakin' power just went out." Luckily, it didn't wake me up and he didn't try to since he could tell that I was out, so he just left me alone and let me sleep. Now this morning when I woke up, I realized the power wasn't on and he told me what happened. So, I ask him to get me another blanket to go on top of the comforter to try to get warm again. Finally, after a little bit, I get up and get dressed. Jason decided if we drove around we'd be warm. So, that's what we did. We decided we'd drive by my work to see if there was power. Nope. Then we drove over to his work. Nope. Then we go to the animal hospital to see if we could pick up Lucy (as we couldn't bring her into the hotel). They had a note on the door that said due to power outages, they were closed. It also said that someone had come by this morning to take care of the animals and that they were in a warm place. It also said that we could do pick ups from 3 to 4, so that's what we intended to do. We drove back to the Baymont to check on Kris, Shawn and Peyton. The power was out there too. We sit there chatting as its still warmer there than outside or at our house. We decide we're all gonna jump in the car and start driving south to look for a generator. This was around noon I guess. Nobody had them, so the wild goose chase began. We ended up in Nashville and still wasn't sure we were gonna one anywhere. So finally around 8 pm, we go to IHOP to eat and it's the first meal we've had all day. All of the sudden, Jason's cell phone rings and says that they've got a generator at Home Depot. The one that was directly behind the IHOP. So Jason and Kris go to get it, leaving Shawn, Peyton and me there. It was fine until Peyton dropped a deuce and Shawn left the diaper bag in the car. I offer to walk over there and get it. By the time I got over there, the generator was in the back of the car and they were getting ready to come back. So, now we've got a generator, but it was getting close to 10. Shawn has a great friend Jennifer who has a big three bedroom house in Nashville. So, this is where I'm posting from. Yep, NASHVILLE! We've all bathed and put on clean clothes and are currently washing the clothes we were wearing today. We still haven't been able to reach my parents or sister. I've tried my bosses, but couldn't get through to them. Jason got a hold of his boss luckily. They are saying that power will be out for 5-10 days, but in reality it will probably be two weeks. We're hoping the generator will be able to get our house semi-warm with the space heaters we have. I love the way everything looks as it looks very magical, but I hate being without power. SOOO, if anyone is reading this, we (us and the Johnsons) are OK. I talked to the Sizemores yesterday and they were without power, but had a generator. I think everything is going to be OK eventually, but it's been rather nerve wrecking today. Having a baby and a drama momma with us has not helped the situation. Luckily, the baby's been pretty good as is his momma.

So, I'm signing off. Hope everyone is well. ~Kim

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