Friday, March 20, 2009

Butterflies & Scraps

Well, I'm finally posting my butterfly card. The card I cased this from was so beautiful, and I thought it would be easy, well, except for all the cutting. Boy was I wrong! I couldn't get the color to stamp correctly. I had to sponge a lot of color on. I was really discouraged after stamping, but I continued on. I had decided I wasn't stopping until it was finished. Here's the card. I loved it in the end. Nope, doesn't look like the card I used as the inspiration, but that's ok. I'm fine with the way it turned out. And my sister loved it.


Well, me and Kara made a only have WHOLE sheets of paper by the end of the year. We both have a LOT of scraps and frankly, I'm sick of having little pieces of paper everywhere. So I decided that by the end of this year, we either had to use all of our scrap pieces, give them away or throw them away. WHOLE PIECES ONLY in our stash!! I'm not quite sure she's really in for it, I might have dragged her (drug her?) kicking and screaming. But, the night that we (I) made this pact, I made count 'em FIFTEEN cards!! All with scraps! I was so proud of myself. Tomorrow is another scrap/stamp/craft night. I think I'm gonna try to do it again. Maybe even more cards. I'll post more soon! ~Kim

ETA: I finally finished my first rag quilt!! It turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so glad I did it!! I've got more fabric to make another one. The next one is going to be made of flannel instead of homespun material. Hopefully it'll fray halfway decently. I'll take a picture of it soon and post it!


Kara Joy said...

Well, I wasn't at first. But after looking at two drawers full of scraps, I'm going to have to jump on board. Guess what I'm going to be doing tonight.

Tonya said...

This card turned out really great! I love the colors! Sometimes it really only comes together at the end. But it's handmade for someone special and that is good no matter what.

And...if you have any 1/4 or 3/4 sheets of paper left over -- I know I would use it...eventually. LOL

C said...

I love the card. I want to see a picture of your rag quilt. I want to learn how to make a rag quilt.