Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fact Number 23

Since losing weight, I have become a thrift store junkie. Losing weight as rapidly as I did, it didn't make sense to buy new clothes as they usually only lasted a month or so. So, once I got down small enough, I was able to shop at thrift stores. Now, I have issues paying regular price for something, when I know I could find something just as good for a really good price at the thrift store. I especially like when they run specials. One day I walked out with 12 pairs of pants, 4 button down shirts and 3 sweaters for less than 16 bucks! Another time I walked out with a wool pea coat and a couple pair of pants and shirt for under 5 bucks! I'm quite addicted! And I've got a stuffed closet to prove it! Thanks for reading. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a card. I'm needing to make one for my sister's birthday for tomorrow, so I'll get it up here soon! ~Kim

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