Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fact Number 26

I love to make beaded items. I use seed beads to make lace-like covers for glass ornaments. I really like doing it, but it is time consuming and very tedious. I haven't made one in a few years as I've got too many crafts to do as it is, but I do keep them around for when I get back to it.

Update on Organizing...I did NOTHING today. In fact, I did something that is counteracting all of the organizing and cleaning I did yesterday. I went to Walmart and bought too much stuff!! I bought some super cute pink camo flannel and some UK Wildcats flannel. I want to make some sleep/lounge pants for me and Jason. I have a TON of flannel in my sewing fabric box, but I just had to have it! I also got some stickers and more mats for my Cricut...I've barely used it a month and it's lost all of its stickiness! I know they are not supposed to last forever, but they should last longer than it did. Maybe I'll get creative tonight and post something...don't hold your breath! ~Kim


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