Friday, February 15, 2008

Imma Big Fat Liar!!

OK, so I haven't organized a thing. NOTHING! My stamp/craft/catch all table is still a mile high with clutter. I haven't made any cards for my giveaway winner, and over all I just suck. I don't see how all of these bloggers in the blogging world make daily posts along with daily cards?!? Maybe they do not work full time jobs and that allows them to be creative during the day? Or maybe they are just more motivated than me? (That is probably not too far from the truth!) And I've stopped spending all of my free time searching other people's blogs for ideas that never come to me. I haven't stopped knitting though. That does take a lot of my time, but I'm wanting to get all of my projects done before my friends have their babies! I just can't knit fast enough!

So, my plan for this weekend...1.) Get my office straightened up so I can set up my craft room. 2.) Clean off my craft table and move it into office and get everything organized. 3.) Try to talk my husband into building my ribbon/stamp rack that I've envisioned for quite a while. 4.) Make cards for giveaway winner and some to have on hand for me. 5.) Make birthday cards for my sister and one of my friends. 6.) Finish my project for my friend in Utah. 7.) Rest. Hopefully I'll not decide to jump straight to 7 and be done with it. I'll probably be going to see my parents on Sunday, so the hour drive each way will be good for knitting. And I'm sure I'll knit while I'm there, cause that's what I do!

I'm feeling very motivated right now...too bad I'm at work today and can't get my house work done...blah...

OK, my break is over...must get back to work. I'll make a post later and show you my lovely anniversary/valentine's present from my hubby. There's a story to go with it, so it deserves a post all to itself! Thanks for reading! ~Kim

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