Monday, February 18, 2008

Fact Number 25

I LOVE to paint ceramics. When I lived in Cincinnati, I worked with a lady who painted bisque, and she took me to a class and I fell in love. It became a true obsession. I went to class every Tuesday for a couple of months. I found out that I liked painting at home, by myself much better. After I moved back to Western KY, I would still go back to that ceramics store in Bethel, Ohio to buy my bisque. One time last year, I was going to visit the inlaws in Northern KY and I wanted to go out to Bethel to buy some ceramics. They had closed down. I even googled someone with the owner's last name and called, hoping that they'd be a relative. When I started asking, she said that Mindi had closed the business and sold all of her molds. I was so disappointed. I feel like I helped keep them in business when I was painting a lot cause I would buy $100 a week in supplied and bisque. I can get stuff online now, but I just hate it that her little shop couldn't survive. I like keeping my money in the community, and even though it wasn't my community anymore, I still wanted to see it thrive.

UPDATE ON ORGANIZING: I've finally started it...I actually got more done that I expected. I cleaned up the office and got a path cleared up enough to get my wonderful dining room table directly in the spare room. Just where it will get the most use. We don't use it for dining, so it might as well be put to use! And boy do I love it! Hopefully, tomorrow night I'll get as much done as I have tonight. I should be creating sometime on Wednesday!! Keep reading! ~Kim

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