Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fact Number 24

I purchased a sewing machine a couple of years ago. I had been using my mother's old one, and it started smoking one day. So I called a local repair shop and it was going to cost $40 just to look at it. Mom said she only paid $35 for it and it wasn't worth it. So, I saved some of my Christmas bonus and bought a new to me machine. I really love it. I even took a sewing class last year and learned how to make capri pants. The class was OK, and it taught me a lot about cutting a pattern and stuff like that, but it also taught me that I don't like making clothes that much! It's a lot easier to buy them. The teacher talked about how the quality of hand sewn clothes was much better than when you buy them in the store, but I think you spend way more time and money on hand made clothes. I'm all for being creative, but I'm never gonna make a wardrobe that I would like more than what I see at clothing stores. I guess it must just be the decades that I grew up in. Mom never made us clothes, everything was store bought.

Anywho...I made a card for my sister for her birthday. It is on Tuesday, but we celebrated it today with the family. I ended up leaving the handmade card at home. So, as we're pulling into town, I tell Jason he needs to stop at Walgreens, I need a card for Patsy. I found a great one, but when she opened it, she said, "You didn't make my card?" Man, I felt like so bad! It was sorta cute, but I felt like it was thrown together. I'll make a better one sometime this week and send it to her. Better late than never!

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